Posted by: fizyaa | April 13, 2008

The Photographer

In some ways the life a National Geographic photographer sounds like hell. The staff shooters for the culture and wildlife magazine travel six to eight months out of the year. They start their days before dawn and toil well into the night. It was told us how they were captured a picture to be portrayed in the National Geographic Magazines. Yet, says staff photographer Sam Abell, “You get a nonstop, in-depth education on the road. That’s priceless. And if you believe that you were born to take pictures, and you believe in the expressive power of photography, then this is the best job in the world.”

 Besides being smart observers, National Geographic photographers must be willing and durable travelers. Because of that, the photographer also must be brave and knew how to be a marvelous photographer. They must getting a strong education, including courses in languages, sociology, and anthropology, and starting their career as a newspaper photographer. National Geographic looks for photographers who understand the idea behind the magazine’s award-winning photography.

There have a lot of popular and famous photographer in this magazines such as Ozz Louis Mazzatenta, Steve Mc Curry, Michael Nick Nicholas, James Stanfield, William Allen and Sam Abell. They had done a fantastic job and always made surprised to the readers and also their audience. The picture that they had taken will be storied suitable with the situation of the picture.

Going behind the camera and on assignment with veteran photographers for National Geographic, this documentary answers the eternal question asked by the magazine’s readers: “How in the world did they get that shot?” The photographers recount the grueling preparation that shooting for the magazine entails, from normal details such as obtaining visas to preparing oneself for dangers such as severe climates, deep-sea dives, and raging beasts. There also had lots of insects, lion, tiger, elephant, zebra and so on.

For examples, the famous cover photo of the June 1985 issue was of an Afghan refugee, a beautiful young 13-year old girl with hauntingly green eyes. In this magazines, the photographer wanted to tell us how the girl’s face showed her sadness and difficulties of life. The girl’s expressions made the audiences felt sympathy with her life.

For the conclusion, the photographer had done a good and perfect job. Their job as a photographer made the readers and the audiences were happiness, sadness, empathize, sympathize, emotional and also wonderful story that had gave them many knowledge about the life in the world.





  1. Good article. I like it. I’m also a photographer…

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